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6GHz – What is it going to change for us?

As 6GHz access points are starting to ship, we wanted to talk about how 6GHz will change our day-to-day life working as a Wi-Fi Engineer.

In this episode, we talk about how 6GHz will impact the way we design and configure Wi-Fi networks.

Here is a quick agenda of the topics covered in this episode:

  • 6GHz Coverage
  • 6GHz Design Considerations
  • 6GHz Device Classifications
  • Where 6GHz will be deployed at first
  • Limitation of 6GHz today
  • Security Configurations

This episode comes after WLPC 2022 where a lot of discussions around 6GHz happened.

We recommend that you guys take a look at the following presentations from WLPC:

Here are a few additional resources we have mentioned during the show:

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