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Rowell Dionicio


Rowell is the owner of Packet6 which provides professional services in the Bay Area specializing in wireless and mobility planning, design and implementation. He got his start in IT beginning with help desk, moving on to systems administration, and then to networking.

Rowell now specializes in wireless networking and has done work with small to medium businesses, enterprise networks, and higher education.

François Vergès


François grew up in France were he studied in one of the top computer engineer school specializing in Network and Telecommunication.

François moved to Canada at the end of his studies and started to work as a Network Engineer. He quickly found a passion for Wi-Fi networks leading him to study the technology as well as following the current market.

He founded SemFio Networks with the idea of helping businesses getting the best out of their Wi-Fi network.

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About Our Show

Clear To Send is a podcast about wireless engineering where we educate you on WiFi technology, talk about design tips, troubleshooting, interviews, and the tools.

The podcast was an idea after listening to many other podcasts. The goal is to help contribute back to the community by providing a podcast dedicated to wireless networking.

The name Clear To Send comes from the 802.11 standard. It’s part of how a station accesses the wireless medium.

I want to help others who may be just getting started in wireless networking, or even just getting started in network engineering.

I’ve come across wireless networks that should have been installed differently. There should be more awareness and education for wireless planning and deployments.

Additionally, I always enjoyed hearing how others have started in wireless, what tips they have for those just getting started, and what tools they use.

Rowell and François

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