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CTS 208: Introduction to APIs

Application Programming Interface: communication protocol or interface used to interact between different pieces of software. In networking, you could...


CTS207: The New CWNP Track with Tom Carpenter

Following up CTS 204 (https://www.cleartosend.net/cts-204-cwnp-certifications/) where we talked about the different CWNP certifications, we invited Tom Carpenter (CTO at...


CTS 206: A look Into 802.11k

News Next Generation CBRS Standard: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200123005555/en/Wireless-Innovation-Forum-Issues-Next-Generation-CBRS-Standard Client Distribution at CLEUR: https://twitter.com/SNMPguy/status/1222794787398602752?s=20 Ekahau about to launch a new tool: https://twitter.com/ekahau/status/1223368179000455168?s=20...


CTS 205: 5 Tips For Migrating to the Cisco Catalyst 9800

Dave Benham was first introduced on the show as a highlight to him and what he does. We interviewed...

Check out the 5 Tips for migrating to the Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller from the experience of Dave Benham.

CTS 204: CWNP Certifications

In this episode, we talk about all the CWNP certifications available today. We provide an overview of each and...


CTS 203: TWIW – Wi-Fi 6E, Powershell, Antennas, Training

In This Week In Wi-Fi (TWIW) we have a number of things to share. One of them being a...