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CTS 269 – Arista at MFD6

Arista Networks rejoins Mobility Field Day and in this episode we’re discussing Arista’s cloud solution and the openness.

The solid cloud solution presented by Arista comes with their own Autonomous Artificial Intelligence named Ava. The AI has a lot of data at her disposal. It’s an impressive amount of data stored in the cloud giving Arista a lot to work with.

From the presentation, we can see they go deep into the analysis of potential issues, providing a network operator the tools to analyze 802.11 frames. But of course, we must go a step further and take action on those issues with remediation recommendations.

It’s good to see the curtain pulled. This level of thought is useful for any engineer.

We can see how Ava thinks.

There’s a lot involved with troubleshooting Wi-Fi

Arista is still working on making Wi-Fi infrastructure open. What does that mean? There’s an API available to integrate with other systems. It’s possible to use white box access points with Arista’s solution. Possibly integrate other vendors too, if they participate. This is where OpenConfig with gNMI is used to ingest data from other vendors.

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