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Arista Networks Wi-Fi Solution Overview (Sponsored)

In this episode, Arista Networks joins the podcast to provide an overview of their Wi-Fi solution – Arista Cognitive Wi-Fi.

Arista Networks acquired Mojo Networks in 2018. Today, it forms CloudVision Wi-Fi that provides network administrators with a view of end user experience on their Wi-Fi networks.

Robert Ferruolo and Metka Dragos join us from Arista Networks to talk about their platform’s architecture – from separation of control plane, management plane, and data plane and to providing a flexible deployment with on-premises or cloud.

The Arista’s Wi-Fi solution leverages a hierarchical management model which can ease configuration through inheritance and role-based management access. The role-based access can be applied to network administrators and even marketing teams who want to view campaign reports.

Deployment is zero-touch. Access points are assigned to your account and once moved into one of the hierarchical folders, configuration can be pushed to the access point once it is online and has internet connectivity.

Arista Networks’ access points have a multifunction radio to enhance wireless security scanning and RF scanning. A dedicated radio for these types of functions means allowing a client serving radio to do just that – serve clients. The multifunction radio also allows a network administrator to perform synthetic testing to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity works as part of the network assurance feature set.

Listen in on this episode and let us know what you think down below in the comments section.

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