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We’re approaching episode 200! And we’ll make it there before the end of the year. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. A lot of this we thank you, the listener.

IT Blog Awards hosted by Cisco
Clear To Send is a Finalist under Podcast and a Video Series! We can’t thank you guys enough for the nominations. We’re are humbled by it. This really encourages to keep publishing more episodes. We’re working to make them even better!

We’re in good company with Network Chuck, Tim Crawford, Madrasa Tech, Network Bruh, Mario Salinas, Ask Anson channel. So if you have a few minutes, please vote for Clear To Send!

Wi-Fi Awards
Did you know François is a finalist at the Wi-Fi Awards for Content Contribution of the Year!? He’s been putting out some huge resources lately. Remember the MCS chart for 802.11ax?

Head over to The Wi-Fi Awards and vote for him please!

Other finalists in this category are Jake Snyder, Lee Badman, Eddie Forero, and Jim Palmer. Lot’s of great contributors to the industry!

Wi-Fi Design Day Videos
There are so many Wi-Fi events happening across the world. Some of the most knowledgeable in our industry just so happen to speak at Wi-Fi Design Day. Luckily, their sessions are available to watch.

Two videos I am looking forward to:

Ekahau Updates
It wasn’t too long ago that Ekahau released Ekahau Pro, Connect and Survey for iPad. Now here they are releasing Ekahau for iPhone. Are we now able to do surveys with it in our pocket? Maybe.

Not only that, there’s a new feature called Auto Pilot. It eliminates the need to click on the floor plan. Auto Pilot leverages Apple’s iOS SDK to take advantage of the accelerometer and gyroscope. This new feature allows us to be more efficient with surveys and lets us complete it faster with accuracy.

Now I can look up to see where I’m going 😉

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