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The Best Wi-Fi Apps for MacOS

We have the author of the best Wi-Fi apps for MacOS, Adrian Granados, joining us on this  episode. Adrian went full-time with his company, Intuitibits, to dedicate more time to his applications so we can be better working with Wi-Fi. We last had Adrian on the show on Episode 7!

He describes what it was like making the transition to Intuitibits in June 2020. We can relate to the business aspect of things when trying to focus on your main purpose. It’s an interesting story and we fully support Adrian.

WiFi Explorer Pro 3 has plenty of features to be happy about. Adrian describes the amount of custom columns that can be added to the main pane and with better management through profiles. Sometimes you can have too many columns and you lose sight of the BSSID but now you can pin that column so it sticks when scrolling, or pin any column you desire. These are just some of the newest features added.

His newly updated application, Airtool, is a finalist for 2021 Product of the Year, so go please vote. Airtool turns your Macbook into a capture utility by using your built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Capturing frames is now easy without all the complicated commands.

Download WiFi Explorer Pro (affiliate link)
Download Airtool 2 (affiliate link)

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