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Capturing Wireless Frames with a Mac

Capturing wireless frames is a must know skill for any Wi-Fi network engineer.

Capturing Wireless Frames with a Mac

The Macbook Pro is an excellent tool for capturing wireless frames. The built-in wireless adapter can be used to sniff wireless frames in the air. As I like to say, the best troubleshooting tool you can have is the one that’s with you. Since I have my Mac with me all the time I tend to capture frames wherever I go.

There are many pros with capturing frames. It’s a great way to learn how Wi-Fi works. This is how I got started. Understanding how Wi-Fi communication works through frame captures gives you an upper-hand. One example is learning about the 802.11 State Machine.

When it comes to troubleshooting complicated issues, frames don’t lie. Not too long ago, my laptop had a difficult time connecting to public Wi-Fi. It frustrated me so much I decided to capture some frames. Within minutes I found out why. Just take a look at the screenshot below.

Frame capture of an association response


How To Capture Frames

  1. Install Wireshark
  2. Install the Metageek Profile
    1. Unzip the file
    2. Copy directory to /Users/user/.config/wireshark/profiles/
    3. Enable the profile in Wireshark by clicking on the bottom right of the open application. See screenshot below.
  3. Install Airtool
  4. Select channel & channel width to capture on
    1. Capturing frames with Airtool
  5. Start the capture and stop after a short time
  6. Analyze with Wireshark or Mojo Packets

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  • Thanks, Dionicio

    I love your podcast and your web site. It really helped me in my wireless understanding, thank you and thanks to my friend Rasika, right now I formed part of Cisco Championship and I’m trying to get material for my CCIEW Lab Exam. I’ dónt remember if you have any podcast about getting ready for CCIEW Cisco.

    Well… Thanks for all your work and effort.

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