CTS 209: Python & Wi-Fi

News François wins 2020 Content Contribution of the Year at WLPC from Wi-Fi Awards Other winners: David Coleman – Lifetime Achievement Award Lariana Liu – Rookie of the Year Ekahau – Innovation of the Year Award Wi-Fi Explorer – Product of the Year Award Cisco – Company Leadership of the Year Award Meraki Releases New…

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CTS 208: Introduction to APIs

Application Programming Interface: communication protocol or interface used to interact between different pieces of software. In networking, you could have an API available to interact between a Wireless Controller and a script coded by the network admin. APIs make it very easy to interact with our networking equipment to configure, operate and monitor them. In…

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CTS207: The New CWNP Track with Tom Carpenter

Following up CTS 204 (https://www.cleartosend.net/cts-204-cwnp-certifications/) where we talked about the different CWNP certifications, we invited Tom Carpenter (CTO at CWNP) to come and talk about the new CWNP track. The new CWNP Track – The Rest of Wireless (IoT) In this episode Tom presents the new track, explain who is the target audience and share…

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CTS 206: A look Into 802.11k

News Next Generation CBRS Standard: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200123005555/en/Wireless-Innovation-Forum-Issues-Next-Generation-CBRS-Standard Client Distribution at CLEUR: https://twitter.com/SNMPguy/status/1222794787398602752?s=20 Ekahau about to launch a new tool: https://twitter.com/ekahau/status/1223368179000455168?s=20 Register for the product launch: https://wifi.ekahau.com/new-tool-to-win-the-war-against-bad-wifi-networks?utm_campaign=2020%20TOF%20Webinars&utm_content=114769185&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&hss_channel=tw-26760583 Eight Wi-Fi Trend expected in 2020 by the WFA: https://www.wi-fi.org/beacon/the-beacon/eight-wi-fi-trends-expected-in-2020 Conference on Port Wireless Solutions: http://www.portcomms2020.com/ CWNP JTA 802.11k (Radio Resource Measurement) 802.11k was published in 2008 and added to…

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CTS 205: 5 Tips For Migrating to the Cisco Catalyst 9800

Dave Benham was first introduced on the show as a highlight to him and what he does. We interviewed him at a previous Cisco Live. Today we have the joy of having him speak on the show about his tips for migrating to the Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller. The Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller…

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Check out the 5 Tips for migrating to the Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller from the experience of Dave Benham.