CTS 012: Interview With Jennifer Huber

In This Episode – Jennifer Huber

Jennifer Huber is a fellow photographer and wireless professional. As a mobility solutions architect, she provides her insight into how she and her team perform wireless site surveys. This includes the tools they use, her testing method, and some stories on previous site surveys.

With the recent conferences that just occurred, Jennifer Huber speaks about which one she attends each year and why you would want to attend a conference. In addition, we talk about social media and how that plays a role in someone’s career.

Near the end of the podcast we talk briefly about location tracking, the use cases, and how you could get started in location tracking.

Finally, Jennifer talks about a new project she is working on but you’ll have to listen to what that is!

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I appreciate the feedback you guys have given about the podcast. As I get through my first 10 episodes I am finding my flow. Thanks for hanging in there and I hope to bring on more interviews and insights.

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CTS 011: Special Guest Todd Smith Turns the Tables

In This Episode

CWNA_Logo-radar-2014Todd Smith (@wifitodd) is our special guest on the podcast. He turns the tables on me and becomes the host. He’ll be interviewing me, Rowell Dionicio. Todd and I first met when we attended the CWNP WifiTrek. He’s a cool guy and does a great job at being a guest host.

You get to know a little bit about myself, what I do, and get an idea of my personality. We both have good news to share regarding our professional careers. With that good news I talk about what tips I recommend for those getting started in wireless.

I mention what influenced me to start the podcast and what tips I have for those who wanted to start their own. There have been some pain points in producing this podcast so I provide some tips.

Additionally, I talk briefly about my background and how I got started in wireless. Then I talk about my day to day challenges working at a university

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I had a great time on this episode. It’s interesting to be on the other end of the podcast where I’m actually answering the questions instead of asking the questions.

Thanks again to Todd Smith for being the host. He did a great job and I look forward to having him back on the show again.

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CTS 010: Keith Parsons K-12 Wifi Design (WifiTrek Presentation)

In This Episode

We made it to episode 10! It’s been quite the experience with producing a podcast but I am happy to have made it this far. I’ve learned so much and there’s so many more questions to ask.

Who do you want interviewed on the show? Let me know in the comments below.

This episode is a recording of Keith Parsons, from WLAN Pros, on K-12 Wifi Design. The recording is from the 2015 CWNP WifiTrek conference in San Francisco.

Keith provides an overview of 7 mythes about Wifi which I recommend you listen.

I’ve learned a lot about wifi from Keith so there’s no doubt that when he has something to say, I listen.

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Thanks to CWNP for putting on a great conference and for allowing me to post this recording on the podcast. Thanks to Keith for a great presentation.

Thanks to you for listening to the podcast. Your support is highly appreciated!

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CTS 009: Jussi Kiviniemi of Ekahau

In This Episode – Ekahau Site Survey with Jussi

Interview with Jussi from EkahauI was blessed with Jussi’s presence in San Jose. We decided to do the podcast while taking a walk to Levi Stadium.

This episode is about Ekahau Site Survey and I manage to ask questions about using the application. I’ve been using the Ekahau Site Survey for about 2-3 years and have had questions on how to get site surveys precise.

At the end of the episode I ask about Ekahau Site Survey for OS X because that’s all we care about, right?

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Thanks to Jussi for joining me on the podcast to educate everyone on Ekahau Site Survey and for providing us with information on the next version release.

Thanks to you for listening to the podcast. Your support is highly appreciated!

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CTS 008: CWNP’s WifiTrek Conference 2015

In This Episode

Downtown San Francisco

Attending CWNP’s 2nd annual (I think) conference, WifiTrek, was a positive experience. I share my thoughts about the conference which had great presentations.

In addition, I add a couple of interviews from the following:

  • Joel from Metageek
  • Murray – first time attendee
  • Nathan York – CWNE #138
  • Jussi from Ekahau

I had a blast meeting people I speak with on Twitter. Can’t forget the new friendships created in-person. The wireless industry sure has a great group of smart people. Everyone I met was friendly and enthusiastic with sharing their experiences.

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I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode about the CWNP WifiTrek. It left me motivated to learn so much more about wifi.

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