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Celona Edge Architecture and Live Demo

Celona joins the podcast to show us the platform capabilities of Celona Edge and enterprise integration. We also take a look of a live demo running on San Jose State University. Take a look at how CBRS can be used in a private network environment.

For a visual look at the solution, check out the YouTube video.

Andrew von Nagy starts off with a solution overview of Celona Edge, the cloud-native private mobile controller. This is the enterprise packet core to provide the 3GPP standards-based capabilities and interfaces.

There is the Celona Orchestrator which is the AI-powered operations console. The Orchestrator has API integration to other enterprise systems to create solutions across the network. It provides management for the private LTE/5G network.

Then to provide connectivity to devices there are the Celona SIM/eSIM cards for authentication and the Celona RAN, the enterprise LTE/5G access points.

What we have here is a fully operated and owned enterprise LTE/5G network with full visibility into the applications, traffic flows, and data the clients are using.

Celona recorded this demo over their own deployment in San Jose State University, showing us how they were able to connect over the private network and show the types of speeds that were cable.

What use cases can you see with Celona in your network?

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