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With Wi-Fi 6 and 5G now taking the stage, one has to think – what about the coexistence of the two technologies? Rowell and François met together at Cisco HQ to speak with Jérôme Henry about OpenRoaming and Cisco’s vision of seamless roaming.

François Vergès (left), Jerome Henry (center), Rowell Dionicio (right)

Rowell and François participated at an event called #JustTheTech at Cisco HQ in Milpitas, CA. At this event we were table to speak to technical experts just about the technology and how it works in regards to Wi-Fi 6, switching, testing, and more.

In this episode, François talks with Jérôme Henry, following his presentation on OpenRoaming. In the room is Rowell Dionicio, Sam Clements, and Dave Benham – all who participated at #JustTheTech.


What is OpenRoaming? According to Cisco:

Cisco, along with other vendors and enterprises, is working to provide a better bridge between mobile devices and Wi-Fi networks. With frictionless and secure guest onboarding, users can roam across Wi-Fi 6 and 5G networks, automatically maintaining connectivity with security and achieving the ultimate experience.

OpenRoaming also bridges the network operator with the provider. A way to seamlessly onboard users to Wi-Fi with existing credentials.

Learn more about OpenRoaming from Jerome Henry by listening to this episode today.

To see more about OpenRoaming check out Cisco’s website.

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  • Hello There

    Something crossed my mind last night (yeah, it had a lonely trip) while watching Jerome Henry’s CCNA-W videos on Peasron IT – smart bloke with a very good on screen presence.

    My thought was ‘CCC and CCI are (or could be regarded as) nearly-identical twins’ – they both exist, deceptively similar (by network impact), but not the same thing.
    CCC = WiFi and only WiFi (be it the same WLAN or a neighbouring one – they will try to work together)
    CCI = is non-WiFi signals on that channel (many services licensed and unlicensed operate in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands / RF spectrum portions – that won’t play nice)

    So, (get ready) I am after a favour, could you, maybe, do quick a look at this on your podcast and maybe fill in the things / aspects that I don’t know / appreciate, on this subject please?



    • I think that’s worth discussing, Tony. I’ll add it on our list of topics. Terminology is something that definitely needs to clear up in our industry.

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