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Contact Tracing with Mist

In this episode, we had the pleasure to have Sunalini Sankhavaram and Robert Boardman from Mist to talk about Contact Tracing.

We have recorded this episode in the video format as well so we could demo the solution for you guys. (Thank you Rowell for spending a few hours editing the video!) Here is the video:

Mist has been integrating location in their APs since the very first one they released. They are able to leverage BLE in order to provide location with a very good accuracy. They are also able to leverage Wi-Fi to provide location. However, location using Wi-Fi is usually not as accurate.

In this episode, we have approached several topics related to contact tracing:

  • Concept of zones and occupancy (ability to know when too many people are present in a specific are)
  • How can we leverage contact tracing in the current context (people going back to work after COVID lockdown)
  • Proximity tracing
  • Journey mapping (ability to go back and know who was in contact with an infected person)
  • Technologies used to perform location tracing (BLE, Wi-Fi)
  • Privacy

Here are couple of screenshots from our dashboards:


Here are a few links if you want to learn more about Mist and Contact Tracing:

  • Leveraging the AI-Driven Enterprise to Support Contact Tracing:
  • Contact Tracing Over Wi-Fi from Packet6:
  • Wi-Fi DevOps with Mist from SemFio Networks:

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