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Studying For CCNP Wireless Certification

François talks about this experience in studying for the CCNP Wireless certification and how you can get started.

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CCNP Wireless

Studying for CCNP Wireless

In order to get the CCNP Wireless certification, you need to pass the following 4 exams:

  • 300-360 WIDESIGN – Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprises Networks
  • 300-365 WIDEPLOY – Deploying Cisco Wireless Enterprises Networks
  • 300-375 WISECURE – Securing Cisco Wireless Enterprises Networks 
  • 300-370 WITSHOOT – Troubleshoot Cisco Wireless Enterprises Networks

François recommends studying them in the order above.

They are ranging between 55 and 60 questions each and you have 110 mins to complete them and each exam is $300 USD each.

How to study

Self study

  • Read the exam objectives
    • WIDESIGN Exam Topics – The Cisco Learning Network
    • WIDEPLOY Exam Topics – The Cisco Learning Network
    • WITSHOOT Exam Topics – The Cisco Learning Network
    • WISECURE Exam Topics – The Cisco Learning Network
  • Create a study book of all of the subjects you want to study
  • Research Cisco documentations to find more information about these specific subjects
  • Look at the Study Materials Tab on the exam page
  • If you have equipment, you can setup a lab and practise the configurations
    • Setup your own labs you will need at least 1 AP and 1 WLC
    • Configure dynamic interfaces
    • Configure Interfaces groups
    • Configure AP Groups and RF Profiles
    • Configure different SSID configurations
    • Troubleshoot an AP no joining
    • Ask a friend to break your config and try to troubleshoot it
    • Setup a freeradius server so you can test 802.1X even if you don’t have ISE
  • If you don’t have access to a WLC, you can download a virtual WLC with a 60 days eval license at Wireless – Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller – Cisco
    • It will be a .ova file ready to be used as a virtual machine
  • If you don’t have a Cisco AP, you can purchase an older one on eBay for cheap (ex: 3502)

Other ways to study

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