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Ubiquiti AirFiber Install with Robert Boardman

Robert Boardman joins the podcast to discuss his install of Ubiquiti AirFiber24 at his campus.

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Ubiquiti AirFiber24

Front side of the AirFiber24

Robert Boardman is a network engineer in Monterey, CA. He recently deployed a point-to-point link using Ubiquiti AirFiber24. These are 24 GHz radios operating in unlicensed spectrum. This is one of the reasons why this looked attractive to Robert.

He could have easily went with a 5 GHz deployment. Robert knew that this would potentially be an issue in the future. 5 GHz is widely deployed on his campus and didn’t want to risk any co-channel or adjacent channel interference. He decided to use the less widely deployed frequency. The reason is to avoid potential WiFi deployments that would happen in the parking lot, which this PtP has to cross.

How the AirFiber does full duplex

These radios operate in full-duplex, providing about 1.4+ Gbps of throughput. It’s not a bad radio to think about when it comes to creating a bridge or a backhaul connection. In this scenario, Robert used it as a backhaul to a couple of remote buildings in which lectures are done for students.

Aligning the radios would seem to be a challenge but Robert mentioned how there’s an LED indicator which helps you align the radios. This is called the Radio Alignment Display. It will provide you with the signal strength indication.

The radio itself is a decent size. It is 36.94 x 18.44 x 11.08″ and weighs 35.27 lbs. You may need two people for mounting just to be safe.

You can find more about Ubiquiti AirFiber24 from a video recorded for the WiFi of Everything.

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