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RTLS Stories & Failures with Jussi & Wes

In this episode we have Jussi Kiviniemi and Wes Purvis to talk about RTLS, and especially RTLS failures! We talked about the important considerations to keep in mind while deploying a network to be used for location based services in order to avoid failures.

Both Jussi and Wes had some experiencing designing, deploying and validation Wi-Fi networks for Location Based Services and were able to share some really good tips. Even though both Jussi and Wes work for Mist, the tips we talked about can be applied to most RTLS solutions available on the market today.

Here are some of the questions we answered during this podcast:

  • How many access points do you need to make RTLS work?
  • What type of accuracy can we expect?
  • How do we ensure a successful RTLS deployment?
  • How do we set expectations with the customer?
  • Does RTLS impact the Wi-Fi design?

To learn more about the theory, you recommend these amazing articles from the Wi-Fi Ninjas:

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