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Bringing 6GHz to Fruition with Chris Szymanski

Chris Szymanski, director of product marketing and government affairs for Broadcom, joins us on the show to talk about the process of getting the 6GHz band available for unlicensed use. Chris has been involved in the process for more than 4 years and shares some of his insights on the whole process.

Episode Agenda

  • FCC Process to enable the 6GHz frequency band for unlicensed use in the USA
    • FCC is still in the process of enabling the 6GHz band.
    • An important vote will take place on April 23rd to enable Low Power Indoor (LPI) use over 1200MHz of new spectrum.
    • The process is complexed as a lot of different parties are involved.
    • FCC released a draft order Report and Order document on April 2nd 2020.
  • Status in other parts of the world
    • Europe: Chris explains how the process works in Europe.
  • Wi-Fi 6e
    • 802.11ax on the 6GHz frequency band
    • Certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance
    • 6GHz compatible devices
      • Broadcom has 8 AP related products 6GHz capable
      • Broadcom has an Euro class smartphone device 6GHz capable
  • New use cases
    • Additional spectrum will allow us to use wide channels and higher data rates allowing new type of applications
      • AR/VR
      • Critical low latency applications

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