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6GHz PSD & AFC with Chuck Lukaszewski

In this episode, we have Chuck Lukaszewski, VP of Wireless Strategy & Standards for HPE, to talk about two technical aspects of 6GHz:

  • Power Spectral Density (PSD)
  • Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC)

On top of explaining these technical concepts, Chuck gives tones of useful information on 6GHz regulations for both the US and Europe.

Podcast Content

6GHz Status

  • Quick recap of the status
  • Draft and Order outcome

Power Spectral Density (PSD

  • Power Spectral Density
    • What is PSD: It tells us how the power is distributed in frequency (dbm/MHz)
    • Why did we decided to change the way we regulate transmission power in 6Ghz (EIRP vs PSD)
      • Be able to use wider channel without lowering the SNR
    • How does it work in practise – The math behind it
    • Europe will not use PSD (23 or 24dBm EIRP for LPI)
      • SNR issue for larger channels
      • Also less channels
      • Allow the portable devices at 14dBm EIRP from the very beginning

Automated Frequency Coordination

  • Automated Frequency Coordination
    • What is AFC:
      • Use of a spectrum database (ULS)
      • Incumbent locations (big dishes)
      • Figure the pattern of that transmitter
      • Where it is in space
      • Frequencies available at this locations
      • AFC Operators will manage the spectrum database
    • Why do we need it for some communications on 6GHz
      • Used for outdoor communications or indoor high power communications
    • Explain how it is different from DFS
      • AFC is a preemptive protocol
      • Every 24h it has to check
    • How does it work?
      • AFC returns the list of available frequencies and the max power to use
      • APs will have GPS inside to report location
      • AP manager needs to know where the APs are
      • Campus AP
        • You are already connected to internet
        • Securely via secured protocols
      • Point-to-Point
        • Initial operations in 5GHz to contact the database
    • AFC equipment will not be available at day 1
      • The process is not defined yet for the incumbents
      • Some more testings have to be done
    • AFC is only enable in 2 UNII bands
      • UNII-5 & UNII-7
    • No outdoor operations on 6GHz in Europe
      • Most European countries do not publish their licence use.
      • No data base in European so no AFC possible in Europe
      • Maybe: Light licensing type of model will be used
    • AFC to comply with international rules for Canada and Mexico
      • Probably follow the FCC after April 23rd

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