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Wireless Broadband Alliance with Tiago Rodrigues and Gabriel Desjardins

In this episode we wanted to introduce the Wireless Broadband Alliance to you guys. In order to do so, we invited 2 special guests:

Tiago Rodrigues

CEO at Wireless Broadband Alliance

Gabriel Desjardins

Director of Product Marketing, Broadcom Wireless Connectivity division and Board Member at WBA


In this episodes, we are talking about the following topics:

  • Presentation of the WBA
    • What is the WBA?
      • Non profit – Membership driven organization (how do you attract the members?)
      • Improving the experience over a Wi-Fi connection
    • What you do
      • Develop project to solve a specific problem
      • Best practices
      • Deployment guidelines
      • Field trial
    • What are your objectives
      • Members decides what they would work on
      • Speedup the test
    • What are the outcomes
    • How can it be useful for WLAN Engineers
  • Documents published by the WBA
    • How do you create them?
    • Who writes them?
    • What is your target audience?
  • Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6e
    • Talk about the Wi-Fi 6 group
    • Talk about the Wi-Fi 6 documents published
    • Talk about Wi-Fi 6e
      • Trial cases
      • How will it work in the field
  • OpenRoaming
    • WBA taking it over
    • The future of OpenRoaming

Wi-Fi 6 Deployment Guidelines and Scenarios

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