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Wi-Fi Alliance with Kevin Robinson

In this episode, we were delighted to have Kevin Robinson, Senior Vice President of Marketing at the Wi-Fi Alliance, with us. We talked about the Wi-Fi Alliance as well as the upcoming Wi-Fi 6e certification program. Enjoy!


  • Introducing Kevin Robinson, Senior VP of Marketing
  • Overview of the organization
    • Who is the Wi-Fi Alliance
    • Alliance, Members
  • Recap of the FCC announcement around 6 GHz
  • What does this mean for Wi-Fi Alliance
  • Wi-Fi 6E certification program
  • Discussion about generational naming scheme introduced by Wi-Fi Alliance and how it makes it easier for consumer to identify Wi-Fi generations
  • What is the status of the Wi-Fi 6E certification program now?
  • When will it be finalized?
  • Discussion around the testing and standardization of Wi-Fi client behaviours
    • Wi-Fi Vantage
    • Wi-Fi Agile Multiband


  • Wi-Fi 6e certification is the extension of the Wi-Fi 6 certification for Wi-Fi use in the 6GHz frequency space
  • 6GHz is an amazing opportunity to start fresh (without having to support legacy technologies)
  • We will have additional requirements for the Wi-Fi 6e certification (such as higher level of security (WPA3))
  • Wi-Fi Vantage is a response to try to standardize client device behaviour
  • More and more of it (Agile Multiband) try to be included as mandatory for the Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6e certifications

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