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In this episode, we welcome’s Tiago Rodrigues, CEO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, and Matt MacPherson, Wireless CTO at Cisco to talk about OpenRoaming.

The Wireless Broadband Alliance recently took over the ownership and management of OpenRoaming from Cisco. We had a great time and great discussion with Tiago and Matt and hope that you like it!

One hour was definitely not enough time to talk about OpenRoaming, however, in this episode, we talked about the following topics:

  • OpenRoaming, giving a definition to what it is
  • Why the WBA decided to take over
  • Why Cisco decided to hand it over to the WBA
  • The current momentum behind OpenRoaming when it comes to vendors, manufacturers and identity providers
  • Components of OpenRoaming
  • How OpenRoaming will benefit big and small businesses
  • The role of the brokers

We only touched the surface on some of the components of OpenRoaming. We will follow up with other episodes to dive deeper into some the these components.

As we start to implement in our networks, we will also be able to follow up with episodes talking about how it works technically speaking.

Thank you again Tiago and Matt for your time!


Wireless Network Engineer and Owner at SemFio Networks. CWNE #180. Living in London ON Canada, born and raised in Dijon, France.

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