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Transitioning to Industry 4.0 with Kilian Löser

We had the pleasure to have Kilian Löser on the show to talk about Wi-Fi in manufacturing envrionments. We took the opportunity to talk about what is coming up and how these environments are evolving with Industry 4.0.

Feel free to follow Kilian on LinkedIn ( and Twitter(@KilianLoeser).

In this episode, we’ve talk about the following topics:

  • Situation today in warehouses and manufacturing environments
  • Different wireless use cases we can find today
  • Different problems around Wi-Fi networks in these environments
  • Definition of what Industry 4.0 means
  • The need for multiple wireless protocols
  • The proprietary wireless protocol from Siemens: iPCF-MC
  • New set of devices expected to be used in these environments (AGV, AMR)
  • Wi-Fi 6 in the manufacturing environment
  • The factory of the future (use cases)

You can download Kilian’s Whitepaper on Wi-Fi 6 here:


Wireless Network Engineer and Owner at SemFio Networks. CWNE #180. Living in London ON Canada, born and raised in Dijon, France.

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