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Troubleshoot Common Wi-Fi Problems with Meraki Health

In this episode, we are trying to assess how easy it is to troubleshoot common Wi-Fi problems using the Meraki Health solution. We want to give you an idea of what it would look like to perform troubleshooting from our point of view. We outline what we like and what we would want to see improved.


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Nowadays, we’re relying on cloud dashboards to rapidly identify issues with the network. Many vendors include this as a feature when using their dashboard. But how well are they at identifying issues? How quickly do they log the issues? This is something we will try to evaluate in a series of episodes with different vendors. It’s a big improvement from viewing raw logs or searching for a needle in a haystack.

Meraki offers a feature called Meraki Health. It provides the network administrator with an overall view of the network. If you needed to view details of a specific client or AP, the Health feature displays any issues that could be happening over a given time period.

Here are the problems we had generated:

  • DHCP issue: DHCP server not providing an IP address
  • PSK issue: user entering the wrong password when connecting to a WPA2-Personal Wi-Fi network
  • 802.1X issue: RADIUS server not reachable
  • 802.1X issue: user entering wrong password when connecting to a PEAP[Ms-CHAPv2] Wi-Fi network

Enjoy the recording and let us know which Meraki tool you like using while performing troubleshooting

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