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7 Tips for Getting Wi-Fi Experience

It can be challenging trying to migrate to a Wi-Fi only role. But it’s not an impossible task. In this episode, we’re going to share some of our own experiences and tips.

There are many more tips for getting Wi-Fi experience. But this is a way to get started right now. We ask that you share your own tips in the comments below to help others get their Wi-Fi experience.

  1. Taking ownership of issues
  2. Tell your manager you want to do more Wi-Fi
  3. Get certified
  4. Work for a VAR
  5. Volunteer your time to other Wi-Fi professionals & document your work
  6. Blog about Wi-Fi and share your passion publicly
  7. Start your own practice
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Mark Nemiz
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  • Than you very much for this information. I have been learning from your documentations and podcast and my wireless experience has improved a lot. Keep it up!

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