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We’re Going to MFD7!

Mobility Field Day 7 is taking place from Wednesday July 13 to Friday July 15 2022.

As always, it will be streamed live on LinkedIn as well as on the Tech Field Day website. Tune in at:

This year, the presenters will be:

  • Juniper / Mist
  • Ruckus Networks
  • Betacom
  • Fortinet
  • Cisco
  • 7Signal
  • Celona
  • NetAlly

The delegates will be:

  • Jennifer Huber
  • Avril Salter
  • Chris Reed (First timer)
  • Troy Martin (First timer)
  • Keith Parsons
  • Sam Clements
  • Mario Gingras
  • Mike Wade
  • Shaun Neal
  • Tim Dennehy
  • Rowell Dionicio
  • François Vergès

Event channel in the Clear To Send Slack

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Presentation video:

Event link:

Watch live here:

Tech Field Day LinkedIn Page:

Hosted by
Mark Nemiz
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