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EXpanding Mist

Mobility Field Day (MFD) is the traditional format of Mist product announcements. It’s no different for MFD7.

In the room with MFD delegates sits two new Juniper EX4100 network switches. Described to be deliver cloud-native telemetry data to improve Marvis and the AI-driven dashboard.

Speaking of Marvis, Mist announced an expansion with the Marvis Windows Client. This brings additional data to the dashboard from the client point-of-view. Not only that, Mist stated they would allow 3rd party integrations for additional telemetry data.

Bob Friday discussed the confidence and efficacy levels around Marvis as Mist scoops up more customers.

Wes Purvis provides his analysis from testing Wi-Fi 6E clients around how they hear 6 GHz signal. This insight is one of the earliest Wi-Fi engineers have seen since there are not many supported devices widely available.

Lastly, we hear an update from the Whitesand acquisition and how Mist plans to disrupt the NAC landscape to address challenges around agility, scalability, architecture, and the lack of insight.


Check out the full video session here from Tech Field Day:

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