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Ruckus Gains Confidence

Ruckus Networks unveils their latest logo of the iconic dog, creating a Ruckus. I couldn’t help noticing how much more confident the dog appeared. Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks?

Ruckus dived into the scalability of their platform, empowering property owners, hospitality, and higher education with the tools of efficiently managing dynamic preshared keys.

By leveraging a single SSID, Ruckus is allowing devices to connect more seamlessly and securely with a unique preshared key. This creates network segmentation on a large network, such as hospitality. You only see your devices sharing the same key.

Additionally, Ruckus brings together security using Cloudpath to authenticate devices.

But rather than stopping at connectivity, Ruckus goes beyond with analytics. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues can be challenging for lean IT teams. Ruckus analyzes the device connection to raise the issue in an easy to understand format for the operator, including visual representation.

Aside from the technicalities, an organization can utilize other analytics data by creating KPIs. These KPIs lead to business level decision making.

Ruckus finds new ways to innovate. We’ve seen many vendors pop up when it comes to IoT and 5G. Ruckus has a single access point which includes these radios.

It brings an advantage for them to provide a single platform for IoT, for example, where we would normally see disparate systems. Their IoT dashboard was quite extensive, integrating with systems such as Samsung SmartThings.


Check out the Ruckus Network session from MFD7:

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