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We had the pleasure of attending WLPC in Prague for 2022. It was the first time joining a larger conference since the pandemic started. It was great to be around our peers having insightful discussions and catching up. In this episode, we’re providing our thoughts about WLPC EU and which presentations were our favorites.

In addition to the sessions we both attended Jim Palmer’s Antenna 101 Deep Dive and we speak to it in this episode.

The videos of all WLPC presentations are now live on Youtube:

Here is François presentation on Wi-Fi DevOps

Here is Rowell’s presentation on Wi-Fi Trends

Here is Rowell’s presentation on Building a Profitable Consulting Business

Here are our favorite presentations:

The survey is open for the next WLPC that will take place in Pheonix in February →

It will take place from Feb 7th to 9th.


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