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Wireless with Ekahau (Sponsored)

Ekahau AI Pro brings many features and benefits for any Wi-Fi engineer. That’s why we’re being joined by Matt Sterling and Mac Deryng of Ekahau to educate us on what these features are.

First off, Sidekick 2 is updated to support 6 GHz with packet captures and be fully useable with Ekahau Analyzer.

Then there are the features within AI Pro. Our favorite new feature include any drawing of walls and also wall calibration. The wall calibration tool helps us increase the accuracy of our designs.

Auto planner is improved if you like to have access points placed on the floor plan for you or to have channels selected for you.

Network simulator helps with situations where you might need to do a rip and replace of access points but want to verify in a design that your current access point locations will be sufficient. Network Simulator will give you a score that is sure to help you with your decisions.

New to Ekahau is a Private 5G planner! Another skill and technology in our toolbelt. You cannot leave Private 5G behind. If you have an active Ekahau Connect license you should have access to Private 5G planner for one year.

Lastly, ECSE is getting an update as well! With all these new bells and whistles it is important to know how to use these resources properly. Which is why we always suggest taking your ECSE.


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