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5 Reasons To Get Your CWNA

The CWNA is our most recommended certification and first path to becoming a Wi-Fi specialist or expert. You’ll gain an immense amount of Wi-Fi fundamentals that will lead you to become the go-to Wi-Fi person in your organization.

These are our 5 reasons why you should get your CWNA.

Get Wi-Fi Fundamentals

The CWNA provides you so much Wi-Fi fundamentals that you’ll be able to get started with any Wi-Fi project. You’ll probably look back at previous Wi-Fi installations and identify any incorrect implementation. Many network engineers lack fundamental Wi-Fi knowledge to properly configure and deploy access points.

Stand out as a network engineer

We’ve come across many network engineers who do not have enough Wi-Fi knowledge to make the correct configurations, select the right antennas, or design properly for a high performing and well optimized Wi-Fi network.

And since Wi-Fi is the most used method to access the network, a network engineer must know how Wi-Fi works!

Become specialized

The CWNA is one path to become a specialized network engineer focusing on Wi-Fi. In addition to standing out as a network engineer, people will look to your expertise for future Wi-Fi projects and troubleshooting. It can open up a lot of doors and further your career.

Improve troubleshooting

A skill most often lacking is troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Many network engineers blindly tune Wi-Fi networks and make it worse. It’s important to understand what vendor knobs do and what kind of impact it will create on a Wi-Fi network. Having the fundamentals will lead to better troubleshooting Wi-Fi skills.

Vendor-neutral education

The CWNA certification comes from CWNP and it is a vendor-neutral certification. We often recommended getting this Wi-Fi certification first before jumping into a vendor-specific certification. It will give you a leg up making it a little more easier to work on vendor hardware.


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