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Feeling Inspired After WLPC

Informing others on WLPC

WLPC is the Wi-Fi conference to attend. Clear To Send attended the conference in Phoenix in February 2023. It happened to be right before the SuperBowl.

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It’s a great feeling to attend WLPC and catch up with all our peers and friends. We feel energized during and after the event.

Our favorite part of WLPC is to speak with a lot of different people because the discussions are where you learn the most. There are people from partners, vendors, trainers, etc. A wide range of people with various experiences and skillsets.

A tip for first-time attendees is to bring a suitcase with extra room. You’ll always leave the conference with some goodies, especially if you’re doing a deep dive.

Some of our favorite sessions:


Hosted by
Mark Nemiz
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