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WPA3-Personal Part 1

In this episode, we’re diving into WPA3-Personal and understanding what is different between previous Wi-Fi security, such as WPA2.

WPA3 has been around since 2018 but we’re barely implementing it in our networks because of 6 GHz.

As we see more compatible 6 GHz compatible devices and access points we will see 6 GHz networks. It is mandatory to use WPA3 when deploying a 6 GHz network.

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We highly recommend testing this out with your devices as some still do not support the latest security methods.

Below are some screenshots of what is different with WPA3 and we’ve included PCAP files for you to inspect.

You can download the WPA3 specification from the Wi-Fi Alliance here: Specification v3.1.pdf

WPA3 Beacon:

WPA3 Transition Mode:

Differences between WPA2 and WPA3:


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