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Multi-Function Radio with Arista Networks (Sponsored)

This episode is sponsored by Arista Networks

We’re taking a dive into how a multi-function radio can help network engineers with many tasks.

A multi-function radio is an additional radio not used for client access. It’s mostly used in listening mode.

These are the six functions of the multi-function radio:

  1. Packet Capture
  2. WIPS Detection and Prevention
  3. RRM Scanning
  4. Spectrum Analysis
  5. Client Locationing
  6. Client Simulation and Network Assurance

An advantage of a multi-function radio is to perform various tasks without having to go off-channel. When a client serving radio has to perform these functions it needs to stop serving clients for a set of time and return to a client serving mode.

The beauty of the multi-function radio is it can always perform these functions without any gaps in time serving clients.

Get more information about Arista Networks’ multi-function radio on the podcast or video episode for more details.

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