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Wi-Fi Alliance Services

We had the pleasure of having Kevin Robinson, President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance Services, on the show with us.

He introduced the new Wi-Fi Alliance subsidiary called Wi-Fi Alliance Services and discussed the AFC services they offer.

Wi-Fi Alliance Services was announced on August 3rd. The subsidiary is currently focused on providing AFC services to their customers, such as OEMs, Service Providers, and software solution providers.

Here is an excerpt from their launch press release:

Wi-Fi AFC delivers many benefits:

  • Scalability: utilizes dynamic, predictive, and targeted scaling policies to support anticipated (or unanticipated) device growth
  • *High performance: allows for ***continual optimization of frequency evaluation and data management to improve latency and throughput
  • Latest security: offers compliance with the latest industry benchmarks for data at-rest and in-transit
  • *Advanced modeling: employs ***site-specific information for improved calculation accuracy and incumbent protection to ensure Wi-Fi networks receive optimal access to spectrum
  • Highly extensible: supports implementation of value-added features to meet evolving customer needs, such as integration with existing cloud systems, and can rapidly enter new markets as 6 GHz availability grows

Wi-Fi Alliance Services is currently focused on serving the U.S. and Canadian markets, but is prepared to quickly adapt and scale Wi-Fi AFC globally to serve Wi-Fi equipment vendors and service providers as the regulatory landscape evolves around the world.

Wi-Fi AFC is based on the platform developed by Open AFC, a software group within the Telecom Infra Project and hosted on leading cloud platforms. Open AFC is a dedicated open-source community led by well-established industry leaders for the design, development, and testing of AFC software for unlicensed services (e.g., Wi-Fi) in the 6 GHz band.


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