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What Arista Guardian for Network Identity brings to wired and wireless networks

This episode is sponsored by Arista.

In this episode, we are welcoming Sriram Venkiteswaran, Director Product Management at Arista. The focus of this episode is to talk about Arista’s NAC solution called AGNI (Arista Guardian For Network Identity).

Here are the topics discussed during this episode:

  • What is Arista’s AGNI and what does AGNI bring to Identity Solutions now?
  • Connections between the APs and AGNI over RadSec
  • Modes of authentications supported by AGNI
  • Integration of AGNI with Cloud Vision and the rest of the Arista products
  • The use of UPSK to handle access based on identities
  • Network segmentation using UPSK

Check out the YouTube video if you want to see a demo of the AGNI environment.


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