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Interview with Greg Ennis author of Beyond Everywhere – How Wi-Fi Became the World’s Most Beloved Technology

In this episode, we are having the pleasure to welcome Greg Ennis on the show. Greg is the author of the book called Beyond Everywhere, How Wi-Fi Became the World’s Most Beloved Technology.

Greg is one of the founders of the Wi-Fi protocol. He has worked with organizations such as the IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance to create and democratize this technology. Having had the privilege of witnessing the creation and success of Wi-Fi, he decided to write a book about its history, using his own story as a foundation.

Here is how the author describe what the book is about on his website:

Billions of people rely upon Wi-Fi every day. With 18 billion Wi-Fi devices around the globe, and with 4 billion more sold every year, it supports over half of all internet traffic. But we all simply take it for granted — our ever-present companion, so prevalent as to be virtually “beyond everywhere”, working exactly the same in Cairo, Beijing, and Tierra del Fuego, in planes and cars, hotels and shops, connecting laptops, cellphones, TVs, cameras, thermostats and just about everything else. How did this come to be?

Beyond Everywhere tells the entire dramatic Wi-Fi story, spanning two decades and three continents — its origins including an FBI sting operation, the intense battles among rivals as the standard was being developed, to its final explosive success all over the globe. Written by one of Wi-Fi’s key players, this is the definitive inside story of how Wi-Fi became the world’s most beloved technology.

The book is really good and I would encourage you guys to read it. Working in the Wi-Fi industry, you will find it very interesting.


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