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Greatness from WLPC Prague

In WLPC Prague 2023, there were a lot of great presentations. It’s a must-attend Wi-Fi conference where you can connect with smart Wi-Fi people.

You’re guaranteed to leave feeling inspired and you’ll have ideas of what you will want to do next with your Wi-Fi network or even your career.

In this episode, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite presentations. We have listed them down below for your viewing pleasure.

Few presentations to highlight:

Wave Antenna →

Jim Palmer’s session on 6 GHz devices and AFC →

Evolution of Wi-Fi Beacons – Jean Macq→

The different versions of 802.1X – Karsten Iwen →

Thought Provoking presentations:

Warehouse Wi-Fi is possible without external antennas – Oguzhan Eren→

Off with the offset →

Will AI make site survey a thing of the past – Drew →

Tools Presentations

Hamina announced their Nomad tool and their partnership with Oscium

Sidos gave more information about how they tool works

WLAN Pi integrated new services (including Grafana)

Intuitibits announces full Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 support for Wi-Fi Explorer & Wi-Fi Explorer Pro for Windows

Tool introduced by Timo to do surveys differently (SpectQ). Does a Lidar Scan and a Wi-Fi / 5G scan at the same time. Gives you additional set of data for analysis.

Aaronia spectrum Analyzer

Fun Presentations

Wi-Fi X in 10 minutes →

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