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Network Access Control in the Cloud (Sponsored)

Network Access Control (NAC) has always been a challenging technology to implement. It usually meant utilizing someone with an expert level certification to come in and deploy it on your network.

I remember when I was a systems administrator and watched a seasoned network engineer struggle to get it working the right way.

Today, Juniper Networks shows us how implementing a cloud-native NAC can help secure your Wi-Fi and wired networks easily without the hassle of on-premises hardware. The goal is to provide a seamless and scalable way to utilize the benefits of NAC using the Mist dashboard.

Juniper Networks is emphasizing their commitment to eliminating on-premises infrastructure components, managing upgrades, and ensuring flexibility while maintaining simplicity in configuration.

Dive into this episode with our guests, Wes Pervis and Slava Dementyev from Juniper Networks alongside with Bryan Ward of Dartmouth.

We talk about how devices can be onboarded, certificates, policies, insights, and more.


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Mark Nemiz
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