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10 Things We Learned From WLPC Phoenix

Coming back from WLPC we feel highly motivated. But we also took the time to reflect on the conference, the content, and the people we connected with.

In this episode, we talk about the lessons we’ve learned from WLPC Phoenix.

Those lessons are:

  • Not as many real world Wi-Fi 6E presentations
  • Wi-Fi 7 is coming sooner than we think
  • MLO seems to be the biggest feature of Wi-Fi 7
  • You can transfer data through bananas and get PoE
  • Lots of presentations from people that work for vendors.
  • We need to ask more questions
  • We need to listen more closely
  • Hearing about different people coming from different perspectives can be really important
  • Why having a community is really important
  • More eyes on WLPC
Hosted by
Mark Nemiz
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