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Juniper Networks Announces New Features at MFD11

Rowell was fortunate to be a delegate for Mobility Field Day (MFD) 11 which was located in Santa Clara, CA. Juniper Networks was the first presenter at MFD11 and just like in previous MFD events, there were many announcements and new features coming to the Mist dashboard.

A lot of the discussion does revolve around Marvis and the AI capability. Marvis Minis weren’t announce too long ago for access points and now they will be extended to providing testing for applications such as Zoom and Teams. With this comes new Application SLEs.

Providing insight into the user experience is a nice way to measure the impact of poor application performance. AI is used to take Zoom data merged with network data from wired, wireless, SD-WAN, etc to build models that can predict latency with up to +/- 9ms of accuracy.

When it comes to user experience, I would like to gather data closer to the device being used. That’s where the Marvis Client Agent comes into play. It will be able to provide more information to feed on layer 2 information and display within Client Insights on the dashboard.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi is challenging. But the Mist dashboard is helping to bridge the gap by providing information that occurred in the past with Dynamic Spectrum Capture. We’ve known that intermittent issues have been difficult to track, especially RF interference.

And when you have to troubleshoot remote sites, it’s not easy to fly someone onsite to troubleshoot, especially when travel costs are involved. Juniper Networks brought Jussi Kiviniemi as a guest to display live troubleshooting and analysis using Hamina. It utilizes the Mist API to pull in RF data to get a live heatmap view on a floor plan within Hamina.

Like I said, Juniper Networks announced a lot of new features. Watch the full video for yourself!


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