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Live Heatmap Views at Your Fingertips (Sponsored)

Rowell and Jussi discussed the integration and functionality of a new live view feature in Hamina. Jussi explained that the feature pulls data from the vendor, including details such as AP locations, maps, transmit powers, and more, to create a more accurate network coverage prediction. The discussion also touched on the system’s ability to account for environmental factors like wall attenuation, with Jussi noting that the system’s accuracy in this area will likely improve over time. Rowell expressed interest in understanding more about how the floor plan is incorporated into the vendor data.

Also discussed was the potential of using AP data to create detailed floor plans and site maps, which could be used for live troubleshooting and capacity planning. Exploring the possibility of pulling in client data into these heat maps to provide a more comprehensive view of the network. In the recording, Rowel and Jussi touched on the potential of integrating data from different vendors to create a more complete picture. However, that the ability to do so is dependent on what the vendors choose to provide via their APIs.

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