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CTS207: The New CWNP Track with Tom Carpenter

Following up CTS 204 ( where we talked about the different CWNP certifications, we invited Tom Carpenter (CTO at CWNP) to come and talk about the new CWNP track.

The new CWNP Track – The Rest of Wireless (IoT)

In this episode Tom presents the new track, explain who is the target audience and share some behind stories on how they decided to create it.

Multiple certificates will be part of this new track:

  • CWSA (to be renamed CWISA): Certified Wireless IoT System Administrator. This is the first level of certification and is already available today.
  • CWICP (Certified Wireless IoT Connectivity Professional): covers the PHY of IoT wireless technologies (lower layers of the OSI models)
  • CWIIP (Certified Wireless IoT Integration Professional): covers the integration of these IoT systems to the enterprise network (higher layers of the OSI Model)
  • Design certification (not defined yet maybe CWIDP?): it will covers the design aspects

CWICP & CWIIP should be ready for September 2020. A proctored beta class & exam will take place in August to finalized these new certifications. The JTAs (Job Task Analysis) took place last month.

Updates on the Wi-Fi Track

This year, CWNP will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of CWNA. A new version of the certification will be released later on this year.

CWS, CWT, CWDP and CWAP will be refreshed in 2021 and CWSP will be refreshed in 2022.

Reminder: the CWNE requirements changed with the introduction of the new track. Instead of needing 2 non-CWNP certifications, you will now need to get CWISA and 1 extra non-CWNP certification.

Last Chance

Wireless Network Engineer and Owner at SemFio Networks. CWNE #180. Living in London ON Canada, born and raised in Dijon, France.

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