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How Wiflex uses APIs for their Services

We’ve had many discussions about using APIs with Wi-Fi. Mostly it’s been around learning Python, practicing with simple projects, or using scripts to enhance our work with clients.

Today, we bring on Jonas Dekkers from Wiflex.

Wiflex is an cloud-based service to help organizations onboard their customers and end users onto the Wi-Fi network.

Jonas helps solve challenges from the hospitality space to education. With Wiflex, people can use a self-serve station to get onto the Wi-Fi network securely. For example, walking into a hotel space it would not be secure if everyone used the same pre-shared key. With Wiflex, everyone can get their own unique key.

What’s interesting about Wiflex is it is API-first. What does that mean? Their solution works with Wi-Fi systems that have an API. That means they work with Ruckus, Mist, Extreme Networks, and Meraki.

Because of the API available from these vendors, Jonas has built a cloud-based service leveraging API. That’s an awesome achievement!

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think below in the comments.

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