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Integration of Juniper Switches in Mist

In this episode, we’re bringing on some special guests from Juniper Networks. We’re going to discuss the integration of Juniper Networks switches into the Mist dashboard.

Our special guests are:

  • Sujit Ghosh
  • Ahbi Shamsundar
  • Jussi Kiviniemi

Our agenda for this episode is to get a look behind the scenes of integrating other platforms, such as switching, to the Mist dashboard.

We get to know what the acquisition was like when Mist joined Juniper. It obviously meant incorporating the Mist technology with Juniper. It fit in well with Juniper’s AI initiative but what was it like for them to understand how Mist was doing Wi-Fi today and what can Mist bring to the Juniper portfolio.

The switching team at Juniper would have to marry some features being utilized in Mist’s access points, such as management. But with Juniper already embracing APIs, it didn’t seem too difficult. Sujit and Ahbi give their perspective of working with the Juniper teams.

Where they both ended up was with Wired Assurance. It was the first steps of getting telemetry data from Juniper into the Mist dashboard. They had to start somewhere, and that’s where Sujit mentions tackling the low hanging fruit, easy wins, and features we need.

The next step is where the game changes for many people. Ahbi discusses building Zero Touch Provisioning into Juniper switches. There’s now a way to deploy switching and Wi-Fi quickly and efficiently through the use of templates from the Mist dashboard.

Looking into the future, there’s no doubt we may see future integration of other platforms such as routing and security. I think it’s a matter of time.

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