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CTS 268 – MFD6 Aruba Central & Wi-Fi 6E AP Reveal

Aruba Central is the future of Aruba Networks. The vision of cloud being a central platform is taking shape with the addition of services beyond AP management:

  • Edge Services Platform
  • AI Insights
  • AI Ops
  • Remote Troubleshooting

Over the last few years, Aruba Networks has improved Aruba Central significantly as it becomes a huge part of any Aruba installation. The focus on AI Insights provides network operators an improved view of their network, helping them identify root causes quickly.

Edge Services Platform makes it easy for organizations to adopt Aruba Networks without requiring big capital expenditures. Instead, an organization pays for a monthly cost for everything, including hardware. This creates a seamless experience for users.

The new Wi-Fi 6E AP from Aruba Networks is the AP630 Series, the first enterprise Wi-Fi 6E to market. It’s a mid-market AP with three 2×2:2 radios (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz. In the future we will probably see 4×4:4 APs.

The AP630 will be certified in the United States first. An interesting discussion about the hardware are the filters. Inside of the AP630 are Ultra Tri-Band filtering (UTB) which is required to be able to use high 5 GHz on the same AP. Listen to the episode to hear more about UTB.

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