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MFD6 – Juniper / Mist

At MFD6, Mist has released their framework for how to design Wi-Fi networks. There are many videos to go through with supporting content. Many more videos are in the works.

The Wi-Fi design framework was developed by Peter Mackenzie. There’s a lot of great information on the site and they make it entertaining with characters such as Misty (the Mist personality) and Stanley (the old way of doing Wi-Fi personality).

A great presentation of how anyone can manage personal pre-shared keys using the Mist API was done by Thomas Munzer. He built a solution that can be self-service and managed. Additionally, the pre-shared keys can be used to identify devices. This could help solve the MAC randomization problem.

By automating the personal pre-shared key, one can use it to secure IoT devices without provisioning a dedicated SSID! There’s even a way to build lifecycle management of the pre-shared keys. Use the API to create and distribute the personal pre-shared key through a portal and also allow the user to manage their own pre-shared keys.

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