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Mist Goes All In With AI

We discuss Mist System’s bet on Artificial Intelligence in Wi-Fi

Mist Goes All In With AI

Mist delivers an update from a year ago when they announced their Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Wi-Fi, Marvis. With a lot more features implemented, it’s possible for a user to ask questions in a natural language and instantly get a response from Marvis. Our discussions come from Mist’s presentation at Mobility Field Day 3 (MFD3) where Rowell participated as a delegate.

The folks over at Mist are very confident about their AI solution, Marvis. So much so they use it with the tickets that come in from their customers. Marvis will look up the issues for you. Just with a few simple questions. You can ask questions such as:

“How was the site Corporate Headquarters doing during yesterday?”

The response you get are the problems affecting that site. Further from just telling you the issue, you can drill in further, correlate data, and get down to the root cause. The amount of data that is in front of you can be staggering.

Ultimately, that information is actionable. There’s a lot of potential with Mist being a cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution.

You can check it out for yourself in these videos from Mobility Field Day 3 (MFD3).

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