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Mojo Networks & The Client Journey at MFD2

Mojo Networks access point

We provide our thoughts on Mojo Networks presenting at Mobility Field Day 2.

Mojo Networks

Mobility Field Day 2 went live with Mojo Networks on July 25th, 2017. We visited their offices in Mountain View to see what was new with Mojo Networks.

First up on the agenda, CEO Rick Wilmer, talks about Mojo Networks’ participation in the Open Compute Project. Their goal is to bring Open Standards to access points. It’s a way for companies to use a vendor’s firmware on any access point hardware. It’s an interesting project because it would dramatically reduce costs of access points making it go the way of servers. There’s still plenty of work to be done but we should check in on the status often.

The newest feature of Mojo Networks is Mojo Aware. A way to gain visibility into the client journey. It’s all about the user experience. We got insight into association and authentication statistics, baselines for the wireless network, and average statistics of the clients using your network. It seems like major vendors are adding this point of view into their products.

Other topics we discuss on the episode:

  • Mojo Packets
  • Mojo Network’s 3rd radio

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