CTS 152: Naughty or Nice Wi-Fi

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Does your Wi-Fi network make the naughty or nice list? We created a checklist of top 5 bad things that can harm user experience over Wi-Fi and the top 5 good things that can make a good user experience over Wi-Fi.

Let’s have a little fun with it. We added couple of extras in there for you. There’s also have a giveaway at the end of this episode.

This list is not to fully suggest your Wi-Fi network is good or not. There are many factors that go into that decision. Let your user experience really decide ­čÖé

Naughty List

  • Wi-Fi authentication is using PSK
  • Using a splash page
  • Your Wi-Fi is throttling users
  • The Wi-Fi infrastructure is still on aging controllers
  • Hidden Open SSID
  • 40 MHz wide channels on 2.4GHz and 80MHz wide on 5GHz by default
  • Cool 802.11 amendments not supported by all (802.11kvrw)

Nice List

  • Wi-Fi has embraced 5 GHz channels
  • The Wi-Fi network uses external antennas
  • The minimum basic rate has been increased
  • Wi-Fi infrastructure is controller-less
  • Single Band SSID

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