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News – 6E APs, WLPC, Acquisitions, 5G and more

Wi-Fi news is heating up this year. With vendors coming out with Wi-Fi 6E access points to surprising vendors in 5G space. This episode is about the latest Wi-Fi news.

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In this episode we’re talking about 6 GHz APs from the following vendors:

  • Cisco 9136
  • Meraki MR57
  • Mist AP34 and AP45
  • Arista C-360
  • Aruba 630 and 650
  • Cambium XE5-8
  • Extreme 4000

Listen in on the rest of the episode to hear about Wi-Fi 7 updates, new 5 GHz channels, and other news.


Download the 802.11ax-2021

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